Hello worlds

I'm all into minimalism, there have been a lot of gimmicks according to web design, but luckily nowadays a lot of websites present you just the content you need with sometimes an illustration. There also has been a lot of movement on the market involving the design of a graphical user interface. For example, this progression can be found in functional and subtle animations. I implemented such animations in my website too, like the horizontal sliding of the menu on the left, implying that there are multiple levels. The loading images give the visitor the idea that the server is working hard to fulfill your request, keeping the visitor from surfing to another website.

A big improvement from the outside, helping me achieve this, is that earlier versions of Internet Explorer are out of the picture. The countdown websites are offline, just ie6countdown is left, HTML5 has matured, creating a lot of new possibilities. You want this kind of website too? Contact me! Of course, I will put all specifications in perspective and draw a wireframe, keeping the process as efficient and cost effective as possible. On a small note: my website will always be in b├Ęta while constantly developing and keeping ahead of the latest techniques.

You can read my latest blog about CodeIgniter, a big change I made lately on the server side part of the code, declaring my own system end of life. It still has the MVC structure, keeping a purist like me happy. Also it has the advantage of having a big community helping the development. I tried MVC myself, but now it's time to learn how other people would do it.

At the left you can browse through my albums and listen to my tracks. I'm still practicing, but I'm pretty proud of my last couple of tracks, I think I finally found my style. I'd say, give it a try! Feel free to comment, using my contact form or my SoundCloud profile. On my site the tracks can only be played one by one, I'm afraid there's no (short term) solution for this. To play some more, I'd also like to refer to SoundCloud.